Who We Serve

Currently our Chicago Association Management Team (CAM) manages eight (8) local Chicago organizations: The 20th Century Railroad Club, The Association of Consultants to Nonprofits (ACN), Business Executives Association (BEA), Central Electric Railfans’ Association (CERA), Chicago Asthma Consortium (CAC), Government Contractors Business Forum (GCBF), Illinois Creditors Bar Association (ILCBA) and the Northern Illinois Employee Assistance Professionals Association (NIEAPA). In addition, we manage the Pennsylvania Creditors Bar Association (PACBA),

CAM also provides administrative support for the Industria Latinoamericana de Autocuidado Responsable (ILAR),  has been the show manager of the Senior Lifestyle Expo hosted by the Northeastern Illinois Agency on Aging since 1996, manages two fundraising events for the DuPage Senior Citizens Council (DSCC) and provides a custom online registration interface for the Loyola University Patent Law Interview Program.

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“Chicago Association Management (CAM) has been an outstanding asset to our Creditors Bar Association. They have truly lightened my load as the association’s president and have helped to keep us organized and on track. It is also a value for us to have Tricia help manage our annual seminar and collect annual membership dues. The best part is they were able to customize their services for us to make their administrative fees extremely reasonable.” – Brit Suttell, President, Pennsylvania Creditors Bar Association